For Buyers and Agents

Daybreak is not a typical condo

Appointments made through an agent will include a briefing for the buyer to make sure they understand what cohousing is in general, and what Daybreak is in particular.

Please include this description in your listing

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Daybreak Cohousing is a self-managed community. Life at Daybreak offers many amenities as well as significant responsibilities for each household. Being a part of cohousing means recognizing the time, attention, and flexibility needed to enjoy the benefits and fulfill the obligations of community life. Refer to for more information about how we self-manage.

This website provides essential information about Daybreak’s HOA, community agreements and structure that each new owner will be expected to know and honor. Current residents provide additional orientation through a buddy system after move-in and are available to answer questions before an offer is made.

Out of courtesy to current residents, inform the Membership Team when a showing is scheduled so that it can be posted on the Daybreak calendar. Someone from the community will escort the agent and any prospective buyers who wish to view the common areas other than the condo that is for sale.

Posting “For Sale” signs and fliers

Real estate signs can be safely posted in the parking strip on North Killingsworth St that we share with the city. Please advise installers to dig post holes on the south side of the Killingsworth sidewalk several feet from any of our street trees so their roots are not damaged.

Please do not install posts in the gardens on either side of the main entrance stairs and ramp, as it causes damage members have to repair.

Important Documents

Declaration and Bylaws of Daybreak Cohousing Owners Association (PDF)

Amendment to Bylaws, April 2013 (PDF)

Amendment to Declaration, November 2020 (PDF)

Articles of Incorporation (PDF)

2020 Reserve Study (PDF)

Community Agreements

Just as a home is more than a house, cohousing homes are more than a condo

Coordinate your showing with a member of our Membership Team and gain access to the Common House.

Be familiar with COVID Protocols as they are constantly changing to provide safety for everyone while upholding fair housing obligations.

During COVID, before you make an offer, encourage your clients to visit with residents remotely at least three times. Or, ask about attending a workday on the third Saturday of the month from 9 a.m. to noon. We wear masks and distance while working.

Recommended reading: Cohousing: A Contemporary Approach to Housing Ourselves, by Kathryn McCamant