Photo Gallery

 Daybreak Awards
 John - Hero Award
  Sarah - Golden Badger Award
 Tammy - Golden Trowel Award
 Al - Golden Hammer Award
The front patios are blooming in personality.Rich moved the workshop outside to enjoy the sun and the comings and goings.Phantom in the sun. Not sure she is really being welcoming.Lena and Chris planting the herb bed spiral.
Another blooming patio scene.Karen is a relentless weeder.Frodo surveys the gardening work from Jodi's patio.Sati hiding the haiku.
  Daybreak Carolers
Rich showing off the 'etchings' on the first sign.More patio personality.Daybreak Carolers

 kathy snowman rich bbq pizza night 
Kathy built a snowman on her deck

Rich Cooking at the BBQ

Pizza Night in the Common House

Grand Opening
photos courtesy of Thomas Le Ngo
Terri and Sarah move the Grand Opening sandwich board to the street.Our beautiful maple ready to leaf out and garden art proliferating.Columbia EcoVillage residents come to help us celebrate!Mingling, eating, and enjoying our Common House
Beautiful music was provided by Elizabeth Nicholson.Elizabeth Nicholson on the harp.We offered 'valet' parking in our Common House bike garage.Ken, Xander, Rich, and Jenna show off the bike workshop in the bike garage.
John was our MC par excellence.Kristin welcomed everyone to our community and . . .Thanked our professionals, Grace and Mike from Schemata Workshop and . . .

Gabe from B&G Builders

Hugs, laughter and tears with Terri

More laugher and tears

Community storiesStephanie Noll for the Bicycle Transportation Alliance welcoming us to the neighborhood.
Jenna, VP of the Overlook Village Business
Association, smiling presence at Atomic Pizza down
the street, and actively involved in neighborhood
safety and clean up, welcomes us to the neighborhood.
Craig Ragland, Executive Director of the Cohousing Association US welcomes us into the cohousing family.

Amanda Fritz, Portland City Councilwoman and
Bureau Chair of the Office of Neighborhood Involvement welcomes us to our greater metro neighborhood.

Love this picture. Karen and Sarah laughing during the presentations. Jodi in the background.
Ken showing off our digs.Amanda Fritz chatting with Chris. Stephanie Noll in the background. Babies!

Touring the community.

Building, walkways, sunshades, color.Checking us out!One of our neighbors who we haven't seen much during the winter is getting out again and came by to visit. Ken met her in his book group and was able to take her for a tour of the whole community because of our elevator.Ella, our architects' daughter, knows she is part of the family.
 Rich, Xander, Erik, and Laura. Gabe, Eli, and, per usual, a spread. Our Kids' Room is always very popular. 

4th annual Holiday Cookie Bake
Terri hosting and working
4th annual Holiday Cookie Bake
Laura hosting and cleaning
4th annual Holiday Cookie Bake
Kate and Eric eating and decorating
4th annual Holiday Cooke Bake
Lorell, the icing queen, and Ken
2008 Retreat
Rich showing his mellow side
2008 Retreat
Susan and Terri playing a rowdy game
 2008 Retreat
Singing together
2008 Retreat
Laura enjoying a gathering
2008 Retreat
What are they all looking at?
2008 Retreat
Tiffany and Max
2008 Retreat
SaRah & R

Bunco Party
Kristin and Erik with welcoming aprons in
the background

Bunco Party
Mackenzie Rolling

Bunco Party

NICA Summer Gathering
On site and gathering information
NICA Summer Gathering
Martha and Signe
3rd annual picnic
Lorell, Alex, Rich, and Scot  hanging
by the playground
3rd annual picnic
Denise and Oscar

3rd annual picnic
Silly games with Tiffany, Scot, and Rich

3rd annual picnic
Getting ready for another silly game
3rd annual picnic
Ask Rich about the badger story
3rd annual picnic
Lorell, Alex, and Martha in another silly game
 De-planting party
Neighbors declaring victory.

Laura and her Daybreak variation on Morning has Broken

Wish flags flying
Web/Interconnection toss
Kristin sharing our vision an how we
will live together
Groundblessing Party
at Ken & Scot's

 The apron crew seeks inspiration!

Hung out to dry

 Art in the making! Welcome Sarah!
 Sarah knows generosity!

Apron dance!

Welcome Lorel!

 Welcome New Members!
Daybreak Second Anniversary Indian Feast Martha and Lorell!

Alex on his first (or 2nd) Plate

  Kristen and Peyton draw


 Terri feels like baking at the 3rd annual
cookie bake!

 Production line

Martha surveys her work  Kristen responds to questions
Part of the community on retreat at Yachats

Congratulations to Coho Corvalis for
in to their beautiful new home!

Daybreakers and friend at Bike to the Future! 


 Aprons are bestowed
 ...Ken & Scot are
ready to cook!

 Permaculture tour at Lost Valley
 Hmmmm..Hops on the living wall?
 Music and song!
 Kristen on retreat
 Sterling has a story to tell
 Chris enjoys a creative story


Our first chance to tour the

 The Rocks...theTree!
 Chuck Durrett and Kristin on the tour
 Cohousing bus tour in Seattle
 Alex and Grace
Our second visioning workshop with Jana
 Grace and Liliane
 Apron prep - a tradition is born
The 1st annual picnic and
the core community has formed
Terri and Rich at the Wine Bar.
Socials are rough!

 Tiffany shares our goals
The potluck before the storm...
I mean meeting!

 Welcome Chris & Sterling
 A declaration of interdependence
Hug break at our workshop with Tree Bressen.
 Happy Birthday Alex and Tiff
 Kristen presents the Design Documents
 Reviewing the Design
2nd annual picnic
What's next on Terri's list of twisted games?

2nd annual picnic
Membership team rules!

2nd annual picnic
Too much time in the sun!
2nd annual picnic
Did you hear what they made me do?
Tiffany and Alex at the Division/Clinton
Street Fair



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