The Oregonian

On Sunday, May 29, 2011, The Oregonian featured the upcoming Cohousing Association June 4 Portland Bus Tour with information on the host communities, including Daybreak, as its cover article for the Real Estate section. See here for the great article.

AARP - 2010 Livable Communities Award

On Friday, January 14, 2011 Schemata Workshop was one of five recipients of the 2010 Livable Communities Award from AARP for the design of Daybreak Cohousing. Click here to view the slide show and video featuring Daybreak and some of our community members produced by AARP.

Photo courtesy of Jay L. Clendenin/Aurora




Portland Bike Blog
Jonathan Maus posted this article about our recent Grand Opening with additional information from community member John about his decision to join the community.

BTA Blog
Stephanie Noll posted this article about our recent Grand Opening. She also spoke at the celebration.

Goodness Magazine
The February issue of Goodness Magazine features an article on Intentional Communities showcasing Daybreak and Penninsula Park, amongs others.

The Oregonian, Sunday Real Estate section
On August 9, 2009, Daybreak Cohousing was a featured cover article in The Oregonian, Sunday Homes and Rental section. Nice story and great pictures of the model home and Ken at our most recent Open House.

Green Living Journal Columbia River Pdx
The 2009 summer edition of Green Living features information about Daybreak's sustainable lifestyle and our upcoming Open House on page 8.

New York Times
On June 11, 2009, the NYT had a 'lovely' article about cohousing and the upcoming cohousing bus tours associated with the National Cohousing Conference.

Portland Daily Journal of Commerce
On June 5, 2009, DJC featured an article about Daybreak, the features of the project, and our June 6 Open House and Site Tour.

The Oregonian
On May 28, 2009, The Oregonian inPortland section featured an article about Daybreak Cohousing community building and our upcoming Site tour.

Portland Architecture
On May 25, 2009, Brian Libby commented on our upcoming June 6 Site tour on his Portland Architecture blog.

Overlook Views
The May/June 2009 issue of the Overlook Neighborhood Association newsletter includes an article about Daybreak coming to the neighborhood.

Sustainable Industries
On March 23, 2009, Sustainable Industries covered Shorebank Pacific, our bank, and their support of Cohousing developments.


Build Local Alliance Award
On March 4, 2009, the Build Local Alliance awarded B&G Builders, our general contractors, their first Build Local Challenge project award for work on Daybreak Cohousing.  They commented that "the project as a whole was just stellar."

"Daybreak looks like our future. To live well, we prefer to live among friendly neighbors, with a place of our own. To live within our means, we want smaller yet richer dwellings. The Daybreak team worked long and hard to build a place that accommodates this vision.” –Mike O’Brien, Challenge judge

Natural Home
The 2009 winter issue of Natural Home named Daybreak Cohousing one of the Top Ten Green Cohousing Developments.

Communities Magazine
The 2008/2009 winter issue of Communities magazine featured an article Potlucks: From Scarcity to Abundance by Ken Cameron-Bell about Daybreak, our passion for food, and how it brings us together.

The Winter 2008 newsletter from ShoreBank Pacific, featured a Spotlight on Cohousing which included Daybreak..

Neighborhood Notes
On November 4, 2008, Neighborhood Notes included an article written by Martha Wagner about cohousing and Daybreak in North Portland.

PDXgreen on OregonLive
On October 29, 2008, Shelby Wood of PDXGreen at the Oregonian posted information about our November 9 Event, Cohousing and Families.

Portland Mercury
On October 2, 2008, Cohousing, Daybreak, and a variety of Daybreak personalities were featured in the cover story, Hot Houses, Condos that don't suck.  Very Mercury.

Portland Daily Journal of Commerce
On August 29, 2008, the Daily Journal of Commerce covered the MotiveSpace Symposium at City Hall which included participation by Daybreak architect Grace Kim, Daybreak consultant Eli Spevak, and Terri Huggett.

Oregonian Real Estate section
On August 1, 2008, The Oregonian covered several cohousing communities in the Portland area, including Daybreak.

On Saturday, April 26, 2008, we gathered on the site of our future home for our eagerly anticipated community groundbreaking and
ground blessing , on an auspiciously warm and sunny day. Construction will begin soon, following deconstruction of the small apartments on the Daybreak property. A sign is already posted on the property announcing Daybreak’s future home and our colorful “wish flags” are fluttering on the lower branches of our big maple tree.

Daybreak and friends on Sustainable Today
Cohousing and Daybreak on TV! Saturday, April 12, 2008, 8p.m. on Comcast Channel 11.  See Grace Kim, our architect, Eli Spevak, our cohousing consultant from Pennisula Park Commons, and Terri, with no retakes. Check-out out the show available on video.

Daybreak in Overlook Views!
The April/May 2008 issues of the Overlook Neighborhood Association Views newsletter includes a story about Daybreak!

Daybreak in the News!
Daybreak's story was covered by The Sentinel on April 30, 2008. Check here to read the article!

Grace Kim receives AIA Your Architect Award
Grace is one of the principal architects with Schemata Workshop, our architect. She has just been awarded a national Young Architects Award by the American Institute of Architests. Check out the description and bio of the 20008 award recipients. Congratulations Grace!

Cohousing - In the News
An October 2007 article on Cohousing from the Seattle PI.

Co-ho in No-Po
On July 23, 2007, Brian Libby commented on our design and community efforts (with humor) on his Portland Architecture blog.

What Makes it Green?
The proposed design for Daybreak Cohousing was accepted for inclusion in an exhibit at the annual AIA Seattle “What Makes it GREEN?” conference at the end of April 2007. Mike Mariano, from our Schemata Workshops team, was “excited to share the concept of cohousing as a highly sustainable model of multifamily housing.” The exhibit was juried and the Daybreak design was selected for the unbuilt category.


December 6, 2009 - Welcome to Tammy and Sarah!
November 15, 2009 - Welcome John!
October 23, 2009 - First Community Meal
September 20, 2009 - Welcoming Ceremony for Baird and Karen
July 26, 2009 - Xander Morgan Wells is born
August 3, 2008 - Max is born!

June 15, 2008 - Welcoming Ceremony
April 26, 2008 - Daybreak Groundbreaking/Ground Blessing
April 26, 2008 - Daybreak Groundbreaking/Ground Blessing

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