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Cooperative Governance

Daybreak’s group process is designed to be both highly effective and deeply egalitarian. Our decisions are generally made by consensus. And we often delegate decisions to one of our many teams.

Having a good process is of utmost importance to us. We recognize that good process is a key ingredient for good decisions and for a strong sense of well-being among the group.

To match our needs on a given topic, we have a toolbox of different processes and styles of communication to use. Daybreak’s Process Team is committed to providing consensus and facilitation training and resources for our members.

Why consensus?

In short, we believe that consensus leads to better decisions, and increased harmony within the community.

Consensus is different from other kinds of decision making because it stresses the cooperative development of a decision with community members working together. Since the goal is group unity, rather than winning a majority of votes, every member is considered important, and the community tries to listen to and respond to each person's needs and opinions.

A consensus decision has three essential ingredients:

  • It’s made from the community's perspective.
  • Everyone believes he or she has been heard.
  • Everyone agrees to cooperate in the implementation of the decision.


As part of our self-governance, we use teams to carry out many tasks. This allows us to use our personal energy and business meeting time more effectively.  Teams research topics, come to business meetings with updates and proposals, or implement tasks for the community as a whole.


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