Who Are We?

We are a growing group of enthusiastic people enjoying our cohousing community in a lovely, older neighborhood of North Portland, Oregon. We are individuals, couples, and families of varied backgrounds and ages - from one-year old to 70 plus - who live in a community where we know each other like extended family, while honoring our personal needs for privacy and independence.

Daybreak Cohousing is a dense, urban village with a physical design that encourages social interaction. Our homes have most of the features of conventional homes plus we also enjoy extensive common facilities.

Members of Daybreak Cohousing feel a sense of belonging - of community - that comes from working together to make our dream a reality. We foster a supportive environment that allows us to live our personal and spiritual values. Because we care deeply about the environment, we incorporate environmentally sustainable practices in construction, our community, and in our day-to-day living.

Check out What is Cohousing?  for general information.

Community Vision   

To live where we are...

Growing Community, Diversity and Ecology in an Urban Village

We challenge and hold each other accountable to thrive and flourish by:

  •    Welcoming, honoring and sharing a diversity of experience, wisdom, heritage, beliefs and spiritual path
  •    Nurturing a rich and vibrant social fabric
  •   Creating a true sense of belonging
  •   Sharing, respecting and tending to each other’s lives
  •   Making conscious choices that honor our relationship to the earth
  •   Developing a sense of community with the neighborhood
  •   Learning and growing together
  •   Providing the support and freedom to pursue our dreams

Our vision is a representation of our community values. Under the guidance of the Vision Team, the community is continuing to develop more detailed descriptions of these overarching values.



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